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Rotary Wing International Tactical Training Centers provide a unique advantage to nations interested in improving security operations in a globally changing environment. We leverage all available resources to conduct rotary wing qualification and tactical training to aviation squadrons during an eight or twelve week course depending upon mission.

AGD SYSTEMS provides individual aircraft and qualification and collective training, air-assault, airborne, Night Vision Goggle (NVG), Night Systems, Aircraft Gunnery and Strike Planning and Execution training opportunities in a dynamic, realistic, scenario-driven simulated wartime environment. International tactical training centers consists of power projection training in strike warfare, amphibious operations, joint battlefield operations, CAS, and CSAR. 

AGD SYSTEMS courses provide advanced training for Rotary Wing Aviators who will become training officers at the various Squadron bases. Joint Training Operations can be hosted up to six times a year, while each school conducts their courses up to five times a year. Additionally, AGD SYSTEMS provides "adversary" air support, or "bandit" presentations, to support airborne portions of the training.

In the classroom, ITTC conducts tactically oriented courses. Special Operations air and ground capabilities address strategic and tactical issues at the battle group commander, aviation commander and squadron commanding officer levels.  Combining these tactical and  operational resources elevates and prepares aircrews, maintainers, logistics,  and operations & communications planning cells strategic advantage on a national scale.

  • UH-60A BLACK HAWK's available for sale.
  • UH-60A BLACK HAWK aircrew training and support


AGD SYSTEMS team of Foreign Military Sales (FMS) professionals have extensive experience in furthering US defense cooperation initiatives throughout Central and Eastern Europe and the Levant regions. Key members of our team are experts in FMS/ODC cases and have proven capabilities that have been instrumental in development, drafting, coordination, and facilitated the implementation of various security assistance programs. These programs are designed to improve security in vertical lift capabilities for NATO countries and to increase interoperability between the United States and its allies in an effort to further increase U.S. partner-nation capacity.

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Scheduling Overview

AGD SYSTEMS TANKERS AND CARGO SERVICES operate under a contract to support USG, NATO and U.S. Department of State approved Foreign Military flight operations worldwide.

Types of Support

We support deployments, major exercises and squadron level training when  probe and drogue aerial refueling services are required.

Unit and Collective Training

AGD SYSTEMS will support any squadron at US air stations or overseas. These missions are typically coordinated through type-wing or similar level operations personnel. AGD SYSTEMS can fly on station for set times each day, and multiple squadrons, de-conflicted by time, to enhance unit-level requirements.

Tanker Availability

General tanker availability can be determined by either checking the schedule online, via phone, or via email. To be included on the schedule, an official request form must be submitted. This takes only a few moments to complete. Upon receipt of the request, you will be notified of availability as soon as possible. Directions for filling out and submitting the official request form are below.

Directions for submitting the official request form

Fill in as much information as possible. If certain information, such as on-station times or offload is not known, put ‘TBD’ in the blocks. Ensure that sufficient contact information is provided to allow for future detailed coordination. The form needs to be sent to both the official government scheduling representative as well as AGD SYSTEMS Operations. We work closely with the government to ensure the fleet is supported to the maximum extent possible with government directed funding and operations planning factors. Email the official request form attached.


Short-notice Planning
Large periods of time are often blocked out for major exercise support. As the exercise planning evolves and commences, open time is often identified. On short notice, AGD SYSTEMS can easily change to alternate mission support or deploy other Tankers.

Mission Planning
Use the AGD SYSTEMS Mission Planning Information Link as a guide to determine offload and timing guidelines. Expect further coordination to take place with AGD SYSTEMS Operations. AGD SYSTEMS is standing by to serve your mission requirements.

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MedEvac Mission Capabilities


Available: Conversions from "A" to "L" Model configuration

Customer configurations are optional and varied based upon user requirements. We offer affordable solutions to include flight simulators, desktop training devices, aircraft qualifications training for aircrews and maintainers. AGD SYSTEMS provides highly qualified liaison assistance throughout the procurement process making acquisitions easy, affordable and responsive to your needs. Utility & Special Operations configuration expertise is available. Unit, Individual and Collective Training packages are included. 

AGD SYSTEMS began as AeroGroup with the formation in 1999. The company initially supported as the Red-Air Aggressor Squadron for various units including the U.S. Navy TOPGUN Fighter Weapons School. AeroGroup remains as the tactical aviation subsidiary division  AeroGroup Squadron ( under AGD SYSTEMS. 

AeroGroup's  vision  then was  as it is today with AGD SYSTEMS: The concept of the “ITTC” as a Center of Excellence culminated the resources to meet joint training needs.  The ITTC is the perfect environment for joint military operations. Based in Florida, more than 325 days per year in VFR conditions, and surrounded by tactical air-to-ground ranges and access to unlimited airspace. The ITTC is the solution for pilot training, support and logistics for integrated Tactical Training Programs.


AGD SYSTEMS can support any squadron or Aviation Unit with the popular Bell 407 military variant know as the OH-58 - Kiowa Warrior.  Aircraft used for Observation, Attack, and as ISR Platforms.

Availability can be determined by either checking online, via phone, or via email.  An official request must be submitted to receive information on these aircraft. Upon receipt of the request, you will be notified as soon as possible to schedule a formal meeting.

Any request needs to be sent from an official government or Ministry of Defense Representative.  ITAR Regulations are applicable. AGD SYSTEMS is standing by to discuss your specific mission requirements.